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Razzia Oversize Tee

Brand MT Upscale
Model MT2542
Razzia Oversize Tee

Razzia Oversize Tee

Brand MT Upscale
Model MT2542
Shell Fabric 1: 100% Cotton, 240 gsm

The Upscale Studios t-shirt with a meaningful front print is a key piece for every wardrobe. In addition, the shirt convinces with a high wearing comfort.

Size Colour EAN
XXL ready for dye 4066051192237
3XL ready for dye 4066051186298
M ready for dye 4066051186250
XL ready for dye 4066051186274
4XL ready for dye 4066051186304
5XL ready for dye 4066051186311
L ready for dye 4066051186267
S ready for dye 4066051186243
XS ready for dye 4066051186236
XXL black 4066051192220
M black 4066051186168
3XL black 4066051186205
4XL black 4066051186212
5XL black 4066051186229
L black 4066051186175
S black 4066051186151
XL black 4066051186182
XS black 4066051186144
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