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Ladies Oversized Sherpa Denim Jacket

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB5077
Ladies Oversized Sherpa Denim Jacket

Ladies Oversized Sherpa Denim Jacket

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB5077
Shell Fabric 1: 100% Cotton, Stretch Twill, 11 oz
Lining 1: 100% Polyester, Sheeting, 375 gsm
Lining 2: 100% Polyester, 60 gsm

The denim jacket for women is made in a classic oversized format and with a Sherpa collar and a cozy Sherpa lining. Typical elements of a denim jacket ? button placket, breast pockets with pocket flaps, side pockets as well as buttons and tabs on the h

Size Colour EAN
3XL offwhite raw 4065812225245
4XL offwhite raw 4065812225252
5XL offwhite raw 4065812225269
L offwhite raw 4065812225214
M offwhite raw 4065812225207
S offwhite raw 4065812225191
XL offwhite raw 4065812225221
XS offwhite raw 4065812225184
XXL offwhite raw 4065812225238
4XL clearblue washed 4065812225344
5XL clearblue washed 4065812225351
L clearblue washed 4065812225306
S clearblue washed 4065812225283
3XL clearblue washed 4065812225337
M clearblue washed 4065812225290
XL clearblue washed 4065812225313
XS clearblue washed 4065812225276
XXL clearblue washed 4065812225320
4XL clearblue bleached 4065812225436
XL clearblue bleached 4065812225405
3XL clearblue bleached 4065812225429
5XL clearblue bleached 4065812225443
L clearblue bleached 4065812225399
M clearblue bleached 4065812225382
S clearblue bleached 4065812225375
XS clearblue bleached 4065812225368
XXL clearblue bleached 4065812225412
L black washed 4065812225481
XS black washed 4065812225450
XXL black washed 4065812225504
3XL black washed 4065812225511
4XL black washed 4065812225528
5XL black washed 4065812225535
M black washed 4065812225474
S black washed 4065812225467
XL black washed 4065812225498
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