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Ladies Oversized 2 Tone College Terry Jacket

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB6003
Ladies Oversized 2 Tone College Terry Jacket

Ladies Oversized 2 Tone College Terry Jacket

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB6003
Shell Fabric 1: 65% Cotton 35% Polyester, 300 gsm

The succeeded ladies? two-tone college jacket satisfies to the fullest. The knit cuffs on hem, collar and sleeves are styled in two different colors and give the jacket its college appeal. The two pockets of the jacket feature snap buttons as well as t

Size Colour EAN
3XL watergreen/whitesand 4065812419200
4XL watergreen/whitesand 4065812419217
5XL watergreen/whitesand 4065812419224
L watergreen/whitesand 4065812419170
M watergreen/whitesand 4065812419163
S watergreen/whitesand 4065812419156
XL watergreen/whitesand 4065812419187
XS watergreen/whitesand 4065812429155
XXL watergreen/whitesand 4065812419194
3XL softseagrass/white 4065812419293
4XL softseagrass/white 4065812419309
5XL softseagrass/white 4065812419316
L softseagrass/white 4065812419262
M softseagrass/white 4065812419255
S softseagrass/white 4065812419248
XL softseagrass/white 4065812419279
XS softseagrass/white 4065812429162
XXL softseagrass/white 4065812419286
3XL amber/whitesand 4065812419118
4XL amber/whitesand 4065812419125
5XL amber/whitesand 4065812419132
L amber/whitesand 4065812419088
M amber/whitesand 4065812419071
S amber/whitesand 4065812419064
XL amber/whitesand 4065812419095
XS amber/whitesand 4065812429148
XXL amber/whitesand 4065812419101
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