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Ladies Long Corduroy Overshirt

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB4544
Ladies Long Corduroy Overshirt

Ladies Long Corduroy Overshirt

Brand UC Ladies
Model TB4544
Shell Fabric 1: 100% Cotton, Corduroy 11 Wales, 285 gsm

The appearance of this women's corduroy overshirt is as casual as it is modern and confident. Unsurprisingly it features a long button placket, collar and large chest pockets ? each with a trim. The shirt reaches over the buttocks and the backside is c

Size Colour EAN
3XL whitesand 4065812007698
4XL whitesand 4065812007704
5XL whitesand 4065812007711
L whitesand 4065812007667
M whitesand 4065812007650
S whitesand 4065812007643
XL whitesand 4065812007674
XS whitesand 4065812007636
XXL whitesand 4065812007681
4XL softsalvia 4065812007797
5XL softsalvia 4065812007803
XL softsalvia 4065812007766
3XL softsalvia 4065812007780
L softsalvia 4065812007759
M softsalvia 4065812007742
S softsalvia 4065812007735
XS softsalvia 4065812007728
XXL softsalvia 4065812007773
3XL black 4065812007872
4XL black 4065812007889
5XL black 4065812007896
L black 4065812007841
M black 4065812007834
S black 4065812007827
XL black 4065812007858
XS black 4065812007810
XXL black 4065812007865
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