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Block Puffer Vest

Brand UC Men
Model TB4476
Block Puffer Vest

Block Puffer Vest

Brand UC Men
Model TB4476
Shell Fabric 1: 100% Polyester, 75D Matte, 139 gsm
Lining 1: 100% Polyester, Taffeta, 68 gsm
Wadding 1: 100% Polyester, padding

With rich padding, a practical stand-up collar and front zip, the men's puffer vest is a striking piece of fashion. Two side pockets and an inside pocket are added to the design. The men's vest is made of polyester and taffeta, its fit is loose fit.

Size Colour EAN
3XL black/whitesand 4065812020468
4XL black/whitesand 4065812020475
5XL black/whitesand 4065812020482
L black/whitesand 4065812020437
M black/whitesand 4065812020420
S black/whitesand 4065812020413
XL black/whitesand 4065812020444
XXL black/whitesand 4065812020451
3XL black/tiniolive 4065812020628
4XL black/tiniolive 4065812020635
5XL black/tiniolive 4065812020642
L black/tiniolive 4065812020598
M black/tiniolive 4065812020581
S black/tiniolive 4065812020574
XL black/tiniolive 4065812020604
XXL black/tiniolive 4065812020611
3XL black/black 4065812020543
4XL black/black 4065812020550
5XL black/black 4065812020567
L black/black 4065812020512
M black/black 4065812020505
S black/black 4065812020499
XL black/black 4065812020529
XXL black/black 4065812020536